A balanced diet and food myths prohibited without

Chicken meat is one of the most requested in the crisis at the expense of lamb and veal .. JA GOÑI / FILE


What do they have in common bread, salt, eggs, red meat and seafood? That at some point have been “victims” of a black legend about his role in the daily diet, protagonists of false beliefs and myths that hinder reliable information on healthy balanced diet.

In order to “restore the honor of all foods”, the journalist Antonio Orti, in collaboration with nutrition experts Bernacer Raquel Ana Palencia and has written the book “To eat or not eat. Pitfalls and food myths” ( planet), which contradict some of the circulating blood cells of the diet.

Ginning theories are somewhat bizarre, as there are negative foods with nutrients, which according to its “believers”, consume more calories to be digested than they provide, or that there are fat burning, such as artichoke, grapefruit or stud , which apparently absorb lipids as if it were a dishwasher.

“It makes no sense to think that eating certain foods compensate for the excess calories or fat, absolutely all foods provide calories, to a greater or lesser extent,” says Orti to Efeagro.

The nutritionist José Miguel Martínez Efeagro recognizes that patients come to his office with a series of questionable preconceptions-real base-on food, among which is a sort of phobia towards carbohydrates, which eradicated from the diet for protein-rich foods such as meat or fish.

“These animal foods also contain fat, so that ultimately consume more calories with high protein diets that do without bread and cereals rich in carbohydrates, yet also provide fiber and minerals,” says Martinez.

Eggs, meat or seafood are unsuitable for people with high cholesterol, although many people associate their consumption to the fact fat, added.

Thus, states that “for a vegetarian, the egg is almost their only source of protein, so eat one a day is perfectly adequate, while red meat, if you choose the most lean, or shellfish, are two excellent sources of iron and minerals. ”

The salt-bit recommended for hypertension-also a source of controversy, because “it is believed that when you have fat calories so without it in slimming diets only serve to hold less liquid,” he says.

But, why something as basic as food is a breeding ground for these myths? Orti is the question that is proposed to reveal in his book and which points to several factors, ranging from “the journalist looking for a catchy headline” to “rivalry between universities and research teams struggling to appear in publications and rankings “.

“There is a principle well intentioned tells us that science is neutral, but the fact is that science is who puts in money and often serves the interests of the industry,” he says.

Given the flurry of studies, sometimes contradictory theories about nutrition become almost an “act of faith”, supported by a mythology of foods has been the perfect breeding ground for miracle diets: from grapefruit, to the jars, the dissociated, macrobiotics or the penultimate fashion, Dukan, reviled by experts.

Despite the varied nature of his diets are “boring, monotonous, insufficient and not educated, as they involve no change to healthy lifestyle habits including food,” he adds.

As recalled Orti, the word diet, contrary to what is suggested for many, comes from the Greek word “diatia”, which refers to healthy lifestyle every day, not a limited period, with amazing results.

“The people associate the word diet with starvation and food restriction, when diet is not more than the daily feeding of a person, comprehensive, varied and suitable to their physical conditions and lifestyle,” says Martinez.

Eat everything in perspective. A simple maxim to feed a balanced and healthy, stripped of myths.

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